Making Improvements
The most important benefit of a GreenStreet Solutions audit is something you can’t put a price on: peace of mind.

After making our recommendations, if you choose to proceed with implementation, we feel it is important that we perform the majority of the work ourselves to ensure that it is done properly and so that we can ensure the post audit results. If improvements require specialized knowledge, skill, licensing and certifications, however, we do have an established network of trusted, certified contractors to perform some of these more specialized tasks.

As an independent audit and home improvement firm, our unbiased recommendations are based solely upon the data we collect and analyze during our energy audit. Although our employees perform the majority of work that we recommend, there are some recommendations for which we rely on our contractor’s network for assistance. When we enlist the help of professionals to complete your home energy improvements, you can rest assured that our contractors have been thoroughly researched and screened by GreenStreet Solutions. Only the most highly qualified, experienced, and proven contractors are included within our network, and you will receive fair pricing and consummate quality. We will manage the relationship through the entire process—you’ll communicate directly with your GreenStreet representative. Our desire is to provide you with the most streamlined, efficient process possible when performing the recommended work.

Upon completion of any improvement, we test and inspect our contractors’ work—as well as our own—to ensure that it meets our rigorous quality standards, addresses the energy issues identified in your audit, and delivers the benefits we expect. After all, our success is measured by your satisfaction!

And we take it one step further, performing follow-up tests to confirm that all energy issues have been resolved. We also offer flexible financing options to accommodate all budgets.

And we saved the best for last…
See Step Four to find out why you should schedule a FREE follow-up audit.