Many rebates and incentives are available through federal, state, regional and/or utility program incentives for energy efficiency.  In some areas, discounted energy audits are available and in others, implementation measures including air sealing, insulation,  window, door and some roof replacements, lighting upgrades, heating, cooling and water heating upgrades and replacing old appliances with more efficient ENERGY STAR models are eligible for rebates or incentives.  GreenStreet will work with you to assure that you are aware of the eligibility requirements for any of the rebates and incentives that qualify.

Ask our Energy Auditor for specific information about specific program rebates and incentives that are available in your area.


The Recovery Act also allows homeowners to take $1,500 tax credits each year through 2016 for up to 30 percent of qualifying “advanced greening” projects, including geothermal heating systems, wind-powered homes and solar water heaters or panels.

Another federal option for green improvements is the FHA Energy Efficient Mortgage program. This program allows homeowners to borrow money at very low rates to make ENERGY STAR upgrades, add solar or geothermal power, or make other specified green improvements to their homes. Many states offer property tax exemptions, free or expedited building permits and other benefits to homeowners who install green features.

Please visit DSIRE, a database of state incentives for renewables and efficiency, for more information on Ohio Residential Incentives.