The Report: Review & Recommendations
Upon completion of your GreenStreet Audit, you will receive a summary of the completed audit steps and a preliminary explanation of findings. We will schedule a meeting to present the GreenStreet Report shortly after your audit.

Between the time we leave the audit and return for our meeting, we’ll spend a significant amount of time and effort analyzing, preparing, and modeling our recommendations. All of the data gathered during our visit is used to create a software model of your home. We’ll then use your prior utility bills to ensure that our model accurately reflects your typical energy usage.

Once we are confident in the accuracy of our model, we can “remove and replace” various components of the home and measure the relative changes. Using this information, we’ll then provide you with the most cost-effective and meaningful recommendations to achieve your goal. During this meeting, we’ll review the detailed report findings, discuss your options, and review the respective benefits of the proposal. Our team even takes it a step further, helping you to prioritize and manage the improvements based on your budget and time frame, and will discuss ways you can take advantage of available rebates and incentives where applicable and review our financing options that are available. We can discuss how GreenStreet provides the implementation services so you can rest assured that the expected benefits are realized.

Whether you need insulation or windows, air-sealing or improved mechanical equipment, ventilation or lighting upgrades, our team believes that you should be informed of the reasons, costs and benefits of the recommended improvements.

Contractors? Don’t panic, yet.
See Step Three for more details about the improvement and evaluation process.


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