“Comfort-wise, it’s a big improvement. We’re not tinkering with the thermostat as much and actually, it’s set
lower now.” Tom added that his monthly gas bill went down during the winter, and that he expected to save
money on his electric bill during the upcoming summer season.


Customer: Tom Morley

Home Energy Situation
An icy roof and constant tinkering with the thermostat prompted Tom Morley to call GreenStreet Solutions for a home energy audit. The audit determined the Morley’s attic was severely under-insulated for their climate zone, and that air leakage and crawlspace issues were greatly affecting the home’s comfort and energy efficiency.


Home Energy Audit Findings

• Depth and resistance value of existing insulation inadequate for home’s climate zone
• Unconditioned attic air infiltrating conditioned living space

Shell Insulation
• Insulation needed in exterior wall cavities to decrease air infiltration and improve indoor comfort

• Blower Door test detected air leakage at doorways leading from conditioned to unconditioned spaces
• Air leakage detected at mud room entry door
• Air leakage detected around wood storage door in living room fireplace

Wall/Floor Seam in Home Office
• Sealant needed at wall/floor seam to prevent leakage between garage and home office and to prevent possible migration of Carbon Monoxide from garage into living space

• Because all lighting fixtures have incandescent bulbs, the household is consuming considerably more energy than necessary

• Uninsulated crawlspace rim joists allowing infiltration of unconditioned air and loss of conditioned air
• Absence of vapor barrier in crawl space allowing moisture and air pollutants into living space

• Air leakage detected through window framework

Hot Water Efficiency
• Absence of recirculation pump at hot water source causing water waste due to distance between hot water source and second floor faucets


Recommended Improvements / Expected Results

• Apply 8 inches of blown cellulose attic insulation to reduce attic moisture, reduce ice on roof, assist in air-sealing attic space from living space and improve home’s comfort

Shell Insulation
• Install dense pack cellulose insulation into each wall cavity to decrease air infiltration, improve interior comfort and increase home value

Doors – To reduce air leakage:
• Install rubber weather-stripping to pull-down access door in second floor hallway
• Install rubber weather-stripping in shelving insert in new addition crawlspace access
• On unconditioned side of doors, foam seal door frame joints using low expansion foam
• Seal seams on all door frame structure assemblies
• Install weather stripping to mud room entry door
• Adjust mud room threshold to ensure proper door seal
• Install rubber weather-stripping to wood storage door in living room

Wall/Floor Seam in Home Office
• Use silicon-based mold resistant sealant on wall-floor seam to prevent air leakage and possible migration of Carbon Monoxide from garage into living space

• Replace all incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) to reduce energy usage

• Air seal and insulate crawlspace rim joists to reduce drafts and improve comfort in living space
• Install vapor barrier on crawlspace floor, extending 12 inches up each wall to improve indoor air quality and home comfort

• Recommend replacement of windows with high-performing ENERGY-STAR-approved windows to reduce air leakage and improve indoor comfort

Hot Water Efficiency
• Install unit recirculation pump at hot water source to reduce waste of unheated water due to distance between hot water source and second floor faucets


Expected Non-Energy Benefits

• Reduction of ice on roof
• Improved comfort due to more consistent indoor temperatures
• Improved indoor air quality
• Reduced indoor drafts
• Reduced light bulb maintenance and replacement costs
• Reduced waste of unheated water
• Increased home value


Home Energy Improvements Completed by GreenStreet Solutions

• Air seal and insulation of crawlspace rim joists
• Installation of crawlspace vapor barrier


Home Energy Improvements Completed by Customer

• Insulation in attic