“I needed somebody to come in and tell me what was wrong without trying to sell me products that wouldn’t
really fix the underlying problems. I happened to find a GreenStreet Solutions coupon in the mail. GreenStreet
found we were under-insulated and they recommended we put in a solar vent fan, which we knew was a good
idea. GreenStreet really went above and beyond to solve our energy issues – even finding the tiniest of
problems and fixing them.”

Customer: Gail Arnold

Home Energy Situation
A mid-century colonial home was being damaged by icicles that were pulling the home’s gutters away from its roofline. New gutters had been installed three years earlier in conjunction with the installation of additional attic insulation and replacement of a leaking roof. Even after these improvements, the roof continued to leak and the icicle problem persisted.


Home Energy Audit Findings

• Solar-powered exhaust fan needed to expel moisture, heat and air pollutants
• Depth and resistance value of existing insulation inadequate for home’s climate zone
• Heat escaping the home through penetrations created by can light fixtures
• Barrier needed in interior knee wall and roof deck to block summer heat
• Insulation and air seal needed around cathedral end wall

Shell Insulation
• Insulation needed in exterior wall cavities to decrease air infiltration and improve indoor comfort

Doors and Master Bedroom Closet
• Air leakage detected at doorways and accesses leading from conditioned to unconditioned spaces
• Air leakage detected at cedar portion of master closet

• Because all lighting fixtures have incandescent bulbs, the household is consuming considerably more energy than necessary

• Clothes dryer not vented to exterior. Result: 1.5 gallons of moisture per load being expelled into home interior
• Sewage ejection pump not sealed properly, allowing sewage odor into home


Recommended Improvements / Expected Results

• Install solar-powered exhaust fan to decrease attic moisture, reduce ice damming, improve air quality and reduce indoor air pollutants
• Apply 8 inches of blown cellulose attic insulation to better insulate home interior
• Install custom-made, air-tight can light enclosures to reduce air migration through ceiling
• Install thermal barrier to knee wall and roof deck to reduce heat infiltration
• Apply closed cell foam insulation to cathedral end wall to air seal and insulate

Shell Insulation
• Install dense pack cellulose insulation into each wall cavity to decrease air infiltration and improve interior comfort

Doors and Master Closet
• Install rubber weather-stripping and new door sweeps where applicable to garage entry door, front entry door and all accesses to attic spaces and plumbing penetrations to reduce air leakage
• On unconditioned side of doors, foam seal door frame joints using low expansion foam to reduce air leakage
• Seal seams on all door frame structure assemblies to create air tight seal
• Use silicone sealant to reduce or eliminate leakage between cedar boards in master closet

• Replace home’s 117 incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) to reduce energy usage

• Open concrete block wall for installation of new aluminum dryer vent to re-direct moisture to the outside
• Use combination of silicone sealant and low expansion foam to seal area around sewage ejection pump crock to eliminate indoor sewage odor


Expected Non-Energy Benefits

• Reduction of ice damming (icicles)
• Improved indoor air quality
• Improved indoor comfort
• Reduced indoor drafts
• Reduced light bulb maintenance and replacement costs
• Increased home value


Home Energy Improvements Completed by GreenStreet Solutions

• Whole home air sealing
• Application of insulation where recommended
• Weather stripping added to all exterior doors
• Fixtures inside and out insulated and sealed
• Full lighting retrofit
• Installation of solar exhaust fan